TUNBRIDGE FILMY FERN (Hymenophyllum tunbrigense) Eridge Rocks

filmy ferns; exciting as ferns get?

went to the Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserve, Eridge Rocks, to look for the Tunbridge Filmy Fern (Hymenophyllum tunbrigense). this small, rare fern looks more like a moss and despite its main distribution being in the west of the UK, occurs at various places in East Sussex.

being a humidity loving species, and having had a long period of dry weather, I wondered if I would be able to see any that hadn’t dried up. despite the glorious first light, I decided to concentrate on finding the filmy fern and it was only when I looped around the sandstone outcrops and reach some of the north facing walls that I finally spotted some.

the sandstone really is an incredible habitat for ferns and bryophytes, it appeared to me that there were many species of liverwort and moss seem creeping over the steep walls. as I struggle with the botany of vascular plants, I don’t think I will be leaping into this world just yet. will just stick to the showy or rare!

2 thoughts on “filmy ferns; exciting as ferns get?

  1. What a lovely picture of Spring – particularly timely as we head into the depths of Winter over in NZ (we seem to have leap-frogged Autumn this year).

    1. after a long cold winter, spring has come on fast – hopefully the winter will pass quickly for you.
      will be thinking of you as the temperatures rise 🙂

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